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     News: United States calls for cessation of hostilities

    Opinion / EditorialUnited States calls for cessation of hostilities
    Siber News Media, NY
    By Shakuntala Perera

     a) The United States yesterday called for an immediate cessation of hostilities from both Sri Lankan government and the LTTE, while reiterating its ban on the LTTE. Comments against (a): Banning the LTTE, one of the parties to the conflict by US, EU or Canada does not lead to Peace but as seen now, leads to war. It smacks of double standard and hypocrisy, when the United States calls in common, for an immediate cessation of hostilities from both the government and the LTTE, knowing very well that, the LTTE is ever ready, but the Government is not ready with its hawkish policies. Further, very unreasonably, and impartially it reiterates its ban only on the LTTE, while allowing the Singhalese regime who commits high profile atrocities over the Tamils to go scot-free. Furthermore, making a mountain out of a molehill, it is very keen on banning the LTTE when it, resorts to retaliatory attacks against the armed forces. b) Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary South and Central Asian Affairs, Ambassador Steven Mann ending a two day visit to Sri Lanka maintained that ‘there was a clear responsibility for the LTTE to cease all acts of violence immediately and return to negotiations.’

    Comments against (b): If the US maintains genuinely that both parties should strictly adhere to the cease-fire agreement, and the party which violates would be found fault with, then it could be a signal to indicate that they have a judicious view on the conflict. US can easily find out from the facilitators of the peace process based on a Cease-fire agreement, as to who has violated the CFA.

    What a strange twist of fate, that Ambassador Steven Mann is ominously silent about the daily brutal massacres by SL govt. forces including the killings of seventeen humanitarian aid agency workers last week and sixty-one school children this week but he expects the LTTE not to retaliate! One is at a loss to understand his logic or his lopsided sense of justice and fairplay that condones state terrorism, while condemning retaliatory attacks! His comments lack impartiality to be taken seriously.

    c) Meeting the media immediately after meeting President Rajapaksa last evening he said the US was ‘deeply concerned’ about the fighting in the recent past. Comments against (c): US need to be ...

    deeply concerned not about the fighting (=consequence) in the recent past, but about the manner in which the CFA was sabotaged (=cause) by the Sinhalese government. It has to be borne in mind that, if the CFA is strictly adhered to by both the parties, fighting would not have erupted. Causes should be put before the consequences.

    d) “The current situation is a threatening one and we believe that a continuation of the fighting will only make the prospects for peace worse. It will benefit neither side. Our call for cessation of hostilities can’t and must not be one-sided. The spotlight is also on the LTTE. There are two sides to the fighting. The LTTE has a direct, clear, immediate responsibility to cease hostilities as well” he said. Comments against (d): Call for the cessation of hostilities by US is all a humbug and one-sided, because strict adherence to the Cease-fire agreement of 22/02/2002 has not been stipulated. Government has already violated the CFA in various contexts.

    e) He said the ban against the LTTE will ‘remain in effect as long as the LTTE espouses terrorist methods and uses them to advance its cause’. Comments against (e): One can easily explain the truth to diplomats like Ambassador Steven Mann, if they are ignorant but if they feign ignorance, only God will have to save the affected. The despotism and terrorism of Singhalese regime which displays its racist ego against the Tamils could be established convincingly beyond doubts in a manner that is irrefutable or cannot be challenged as given below:

    A) Hawkish policies of the Singhalese regime were exposed when, on 6th June 1956, Singhalese only bill was passed together with the Buddhism only policy and the peaceful Satyagrahas held in protest by Tamil MPs were suppressed by the Singhalese in Colombo and Gal Oya Valley, killing in hundreds, and wounding many including Tamil MPs. Hooligans and rowdies who were set upon the Tamil MPs while they sat on the Galle Face Green in a silent protest, bit their ears, beat them up mercilessly, besides humiliating and robbing the innocent Tamils walking along the roads, on that day.

    B) Hawkish policies of the Singhalese were exposed when in May 1958, National Singhalese protests in all Singhalese provinces, forced the abrogation of Bandaranayake- Chelvanayagam pact.

    C) Hawkish policies of the Singhalese regime were exposed by the nature of the Republican Singhalese Constitution of 1972, which robbed the minorities of even the scanty safeguards against discrimination provided under Section 29 of the Soulbury Constitution, introduced at independence in 1948.

    D) Hawkish policies of the Singhalese regime were exposed when, in 1974, the World Tamil research conference held in Jaffna, was attacked by the police, killing nine persons and injuring many more.

    E) Hawkish policies of the Singhalese regime were exposed when on 20th September 1977, upcountry estates elections were followed up by a racial massacre by the Singhalese and between 250 to 300 Tamil citizens had lost their lives while many were injured.

    F) Hawkish policies of the Singhalese regime were exposed when in Jaffna, in the year 1981, on the nights of May 31st /June 1st, and on June 1st and 2nd Singhalese armed forces burnt the office of a Tamil newspaper, the home of the member of parliament for Jaffna and the Public Library with about 97,000 valuable volumes, which included numerous culturally important and irreplaceable manuscripts books, besides killing about 10 and injuring many.

    G) Hawkish policies of the Singhalese were exposed when on May 11th, 1983; unprovoked attack on the Tamil Students at Peradeniya University took place with weapons like knives, ropes, steel rods, cycle chains, and wooden rods from broken chairs and tables by the Singhalese students for 3 consecutive days.

    H) On 23rd July 1983, Tamil militants killed 13 Singhalese soldiers in ambush in retaliation for the past atrocities wielded over the Tamils by the Singhalese government.

    Hawkish policies of the Singhalese were exposed, when this was followed up by a Tamil Holocaust in all the Singhalese provinces in which, about 3,000 Tamils were killed, 53 Tamil detainees were slaughtered by jail guards in the Welikade Jail, over 100,000 were displaced to NE, with a mass exodus of the Tamils to the foreign countries while the belongings and properties of Tamils were both looted and burnt to ashes.

    During the insurgencies of the Singhalese JVP extremists, the government’s forces never resorted to such tactics in the Singhalese areas, in consideration of the safety of the Singhalese civilians.

    I) Subsequently, over the years, in the war that ensued between the armed forces and the Tamil militants, to date, in the Tamil territories, churches, temples, schools, refugee camps, houses and business establishments were bombed and destroyed killing, wounding, maiming or mangling in hundreds including children while leaving behind children orphaned and men and women widowed.

    J) Hawkish policies of the Singhalese regime headed by former President J.R.Jeyawardana were exposed, when he signed the Indo-Sri Lanka Peace Accord of 29th July, 1987 with Rajiv Gandhi, and masterminded a ploy to crush the Tamil militants by the IPKF, which turned into a complete fiasco.

    K) Hawkish policies of the Singhalese regime are exposed when the Singhalese regime brazenly with impunity amasses weapons and armaments besides multibarrel guns, naval ships and war planes reserving funds enormously in the budget for war, besides the other foreign aids from parties with vested interest, to crush only the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

    L) Hawkish policies of the Singhalese regime are exposed by the Constitution of Sri Lanka based on, the numerical strength of the Singhalese and racial, linguistic, and religious dominance which emphasises that , only a Buddhist Singhalese could be the ruler, Buddhism could be the State religion, Singhalese could be the official language, Buddha statues could be erected at random anywhere in the island, colonization of Tamil areas by Singhalese could be done at State expense, and a contrived standardization procedure to enter higher education could be enforced to benefit the Singhalese with the suppression of Tamil children who thrive on education.

    M) Credibility of the Singhalese government is called into question because of, their tampering with the past historical records or the archaeological evidences of the country with surreptitious interpolations to be advantageous to the Singhalese community.

    N) Hawkish policies of the Singhalese regime were exposed , when His Excellency the President (Mahinda Rajapakse) on his determination to capture power in 2005, jettisoned all the aspirations of the Tamils for peace by prioritizing war, with his own ideology called “Mahinda Chinthanaya” which emphasizes “no Norway, no federal constitution, no right to Homeland, no self-determination, no nation-hood for Tamils, no PTOMS, no recognition of anyone as sole partner in negotiation and no Oslo as venue for talks”.

    O) Credibility of the Singhalese government and the armed forces are called into question because, when Karuna, one of the most trusted erstwhile confidants of LTTE militants, to escape justice from the movement because of his embezzlement of tens of millions of movement funds, murdering fellow cadres, sexual escapades and abuse of female cadres, slipped into the hands of the Singhalese armed forces with a pledge to damage the reputation of the LTTE by pursuing his vendetta against it until it is crushed, he was spared on his pledge and his surrender impelled the armed forces to sideline the peace process, break the truce that prevailed by virtue of the CFA and embark afresh on violent activities shattering the peaceful atmosphere that existed in the country.

    P) Credibility of the Singhalese government and the armed forces are called into question because, the Tamil community in Sri Lanka is obsessed nowadays with a fear psychosis due to the dreadful terror that prevails among them by the existences of the SL Government sponsored Paramilitary groups comprising Tamil renegades.

    Q) Credibility of the Singhalese government is called into question because, these undesirable elements in collusion with the Singhalese armed forces go on a killing spree when they come across any Tamil who exhibits his/or her aspirations for equal rights or do not submit to their extortions of money. Further, they do not even hesitate to stray into the Tamil territories yearning for sexual relations under coercion or to cast lewd remarks under the guise of searching for hidden bombs. Furthermore, they indulge in abduction or killing of prominent, erudite and intellectual personnel among Tamils to subdue them and suppress their aspirations. Moreover, they have not released yet the humanitarian aid personnel of TRO whom they had abducted nearly nine months ago and their fate is not known still.

    R) Credibility of the Singhalese government and the armed forces are called into question because, even though the people heaved a sigh of relief, subsequent to the enactment of CFA on 22/02/2002, peace process was sabotaged by the admission of Karuna into government sponsored paramilitary groups, the growth of which are being fostered with ulterior motive at state expense with corpulent remunerations and perquisites.

    S) Credibility of the Regional and Super powers is called into question because they, both overtly and covertly help the hawkish Singhalese government from time to time militarily, and provide military training to the Sri Lankan top army brasses and share military and naval intelligence with the Sri Lankan armed forces.

    T)Credibility of the Indian government is called into question because, LTTE merchant ships were sunk in international waters with logistics provided by the Indian navy, joint naval patrols are being conducted in certain key and vulnerable areas and India has gifted indigenously made Indra radars.

    f) “The LTTE has brought that on itself. Let’s keep that focus where it belongs. The US has long designated the LTTE as an international terrorist organization. We have a very clear view on that. Make no mistake here. The US view on the LTTE has been a long public record. We have been very consistent in that. But we don’t want the US role limited to saying if we are fighting it worldwide why aren’t we doing it here in Sri Lanka. We want to keep the focus of visit in the immediate context of the situation today on the cessation of hostilities,” he said. Comments against (f): In the absence of the LTTE, because they are not allowed to have any access to the foreign diplomats, Singhalese regime has very conveniently with grotesquely distorted and fabricated stories hoodwinked and camouflaged the foreign diplomats into believing, with a prejudiced and biased mind, that the struggle of the Tamils for their basic rights is terrorism.

    g) He also said the government must work ‘seriously’ to address legitimate grievances and ensure that the conduct of its forces was impeccable in combat. Any solution must include democratic rights and the rule of law within the territorial See United on P 4 integrity of Sri Lanka. Comments against (g): Hon. Ambassador Steven Mann had very miserably failed to comprehend that the Singhalese government, which has failed to honour the Cease-fire Agreement, would never think of addressing seriously the legitimate grievances of the Tamils or their democratic rights?

    h) He added that the US was now concentrating on the way ahead towards a political resolution. Comments against (h): If in fact, the US concentrates on a political solution, it could stipulate that the peace talks should be resumed in strict adherence to the Cease-fire Agreement of 22/02/2002, from where it was interrupted.

    i)“We talked about the politics of peace making in Sri Lanka and the role facilitators and the international community can play. We understand well the context in which governments like Sri Lanka must operate,” he said. Comments against (i): Objective of the Cease Fire Agreement which was framed, and signed by the conflicting parties, with the coverage of the world media to make it known to the entire world under the auspices of peace brokering co-chairs to the peace process who played their role with dedication is all lost, if it is violated or not honoured to the letter.

    j) He also called on ‘all sides’ to give support to all non-governmental organizations operating in the affected regions and respect the dedicated work they are doing in alleviating the suffering. Comments against (j): Singhalese government would neither support the non-governmental organizations operating in the affected regions nor respect the dedicated work they are doing in alleviating the suffering because, they only endeavour to exterminate the Tamils gradually but steadily.

    k) He also met with Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka and Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera. Comments against (k): He has met one side of the warring parties by meeting the Army Commander. Has he ever made an attempt to meet the other side, if he is for peace and harmony or neutral and impartial?

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