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    Ether Zone, IL
    By: Paul Vincent Zecchino


    Crucial 90's events, if at all reported, were exiled to pinksheet netherpages. Reports once and briefly stated signified doom imminent. Meanwhile, mainscream mediacs and tv cronies drowned the giddy in a sea of piffle.

    Remember Patrick Martin Purdy? He made Southeastern Connecticut famous long before faux-indian gambling houses did. He slept at a North Stonington motel on his road to Purdition. Its cul-de-sac was an 'assault weapon' schoolyard shoot 'em up. Soldiers knew not the term. It was contrived by Josh Sugarman. He flakked for Handgun Control. He set up his own Gun-Ban racket. He needed a gimmick. Sug' minted 'assault weapon' to make the uninformed believe full auto weapons were as easily purchased as Mrs. Smith's Lentils - which also are 'assault weapons'. Think I'm kidding? Why were reprobate prep school squires banned from Providence, Rhode Island's Trinity Repertory Theater? Mrs. Smith's Lentils and Sani-Straws delivered critique d'theatre more stinging than Rex Reed on Prussic Acid, that's why. Purdy's sandbox donnybrook caused FOP figurines to demand 'assault weapon' bans. The President, an alleged 'NRA Life Member', demanded something be done. Massachusetts State Police were ordered to study the Assault Weapon Plague. Evidence exonerated the guns. It indicted fetishistic gun-haters. A decade passed. The ban proved worthless. President Bush croaked it. President Bush, thank you for supporting common sense and Americans who are callously dismissed by sniffy elite pouffes. Purdy's name is well known thanks to media coluratura histrionics about Stockton Schoolyard Shootings and Columbine. Enter Mel Gibson. Shame on Mel. If not before, surely forever after Dustup D'Passion he should have known he was a man marked. This means one must be careful. One does not indict 'Jews for starting all the wars'. This is crucial, Mel, as L.A. County Sheriffs aren't miffed about 'Jews' or 'wars' but rather '87 in a 45'. Having spent an enjoyable day playing inebriates, cops, and thugs with L.A. County Sheriffs on 'America's Dumbest Criminals', I say this Mel, with a gravitas born of empirical wisdom. Sheriffs are our friends. Our world is stuffed like rotting Brautwurst with dangerous half-wits. They use courts to strip the innocent of wealth and freedom in hope of killing them. Sometimes they don't use courts. They are the Court. Decent cops know these lice. They detest them as do you and I and all who love goodness and hate lies. Tell it in a movie, Mel. I've already prepared the treatment... First day on the job, first thing you learn in radio advertising: 'play one off the other'. You sell abstract radio ads to merchants by playing radio against print ads in language directing one to the other. You know this intrinsicallly. Nosepicks Ninety-Six FM implores listeners to check out Qweesy Qruises discount coupon in their local paper. Result? Record passengers aboard Qweesy Qruises. Norovirus surely to follow... Print and radio are mutually reinforcing. They deliver the message and make it stick. So isn't it surprising, for all the tediously predictable whining about guns and Victims, that the shooting of defenseless Jewish women and murder of one remains largely unreported? To his great credit, Michael Savage publicizes this indisputable terrorism against clear targets on American soil. Are you aware of the shooting of defenseless Jewish women in Seattle by a man with an Arabic sounding name? No? Don't feel badly. Undersigned scurrilous scribbler wouldn't know either, had the story not leapt from the tv while crossing channels in search of a weather report. Right, Saturday night when none are watching, a network ran the story. Once. Curious. Or is it something else? Aren't we told Gibson's words are but a trigger-pull shy of mayhem? Ask sham Victim Advocates such as The City of Marco Island, Florida's "Perjury Pat". She weaves whole cloth lies against legitimate family while crooks plunder wealthy elderly and get away Scott-free. Victimology industry makes trouble for the innocent - totalitarianism's hallmark - by hanging them them with their own words. So why doesn't the press play Gibson's words off the Seattle Shootings? The events are nearly coincident. Couldn't they convince many that words spoken by a man in pain invariably foreshadow atrocity? Isn't Gibson vs. Seattle taylor-made for reinforcing this post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy? Why is the press silent? Why no playing of one off the other? Naveed Afzal Haq, age 30, entered the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle on July 29th. He stated he was a Muslim angry with Israel. He allegedly shot six defenseless Jewish women, one fatally. Simple story. Why the stentorian silence? Aside from one network report and Savage's efforts, the one other site running this is war blog, July Archives. Six Jewish women shot - one fatally - by a self-declared Muslim angry with Israel, Mel Gibson hands victim/detractors evidence they've long craved, and - Silence? Do some hope silence will encourage repetition? Or did Mr. Haq overdo it? Does overkill suggest not so much emotional fanatic as cool agent provocateur?
    "Published originally at "

    "Published originally at "

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